What do you want/expect from YukiTheater's v3 map?


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An interesting discussion topic came to mind, so I'm making this thread.

I'm curious to see what the community believes would be best for YukiTheater's upcoming v3 map.

What are some things you like/don't like about v2?
What are some things you would like to see in v3?
Are there things you'd like to see return from previous map versions, and if so, what are they?

Please note that this isn't for official suggestions and this thread is just for nice and friendly discussion about the upcoming map, what you expect of it, and how you think it could be the best version of YukiTheater yet.
Cubemaps. Specular lighting on LightmappedGeneric materials (thanks Facepunch for adding a feature that should've been added 10 years ago). I wish nothing more than for materials to least somewhat resemble their physical, real world traits. Now we just need to wait 10 more years for Facepunch to add parallax corrected cubemaps, or wait until s&box is finally released to the masses, whichever comes first. Oh, and lightmaps on static props. Vertex lighting is terribad.

Oh, and lightmaps on static props. Vertex lighting is terribad.

Unfortunately, as far as this goes, it's only realistic for stuff baked into the map only, still, which is going to be significantly fewer props than would have been possible in past iterations because of the nature of Olympus. At some point, most props will be player-spawnable like on GMCL.