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Hello! I just wanted to start by saying I have over 60 hours, so I have some experience playing on gmcl. these are a few suggestions I would like to make.

Let people know that the customizable frames and pictures are for donations only.

Please give the big tv's and the theaters a full screen option. this is probably my biggest problem with the server and I think more people would stay on if they had this option.

I understand if this last point is overlooked but i think we should make the furniture cheaper or give players more money. It takes a really long time to get the things you want, and I feel most newcomers to the server may get bored.

Thank you!
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I like the idea of transparency when it comes to what you get for donating. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, your TV idea is good as well. Hope to see you around!
Fullscreen for media players will definitely come, can't speak on the rest but I've had the same idea for marking items that only work for Donators currently as such and share your sentiments in that regard, personally.

We also plan to introduce presets for the Paintable items, which basically would make them have a use for people who still can't use Paintables. I don't know if we intend to do that for the Sticker Paintables but this will definitely come to the Picture Frames and some others. These presets would essentially be a set of images from which you can choose to display without access to the custom URL Paintable system itself.