[Obsolete] How To: Direct Link Audio from Dropbox


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Edit (July, 2020): Dropbox has changed how the site works and this method no longer works, USE THIS METHOD INSTEAD!

The benefits of playing direct audio links in GMod Cruise Line are numerous. You do not have to wait for audio fetching, you do not have to worry about audio/video synchronization, and you get a super cool graphic visualizer on your GMCL media player of choice (which varies depending on the type of screen used).

Below, I will show you how to direct link audio from Dropbox, since direct linking audio isn't made super obvious on this service.

Step 1
First, you will need to select your desired audio file from your Dropbox account, and click the "Share" button that appears when you mouse over it.

Step 2
Once you've clicked the share button for the first time, you will see a button labeled "Create Link". You only need to do this the first time you follow these steps for each file. Click that button.

Step 3
Now a new button will appear that says "Copy Link". Click that and if you see the message from Image 2 below, you've done it correctly.


Step 4
Paste that link in the GMCL Media Player request menu (this is found in the Q menu in any room a media player is present). Once you do so, replace the text "dl=0" at the end of the URL with "raw=1". This is the magic that turns the link into a direct link. You can now request your audio :)


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