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This list contains changes made to GMod Cruise Line since March 1st, 2019.

This changelog was showcased in Dev Showcase #21 on November 15th!

  • The Render Distance setting is now Render Screen Space (Pixels)
    • Instead of distance, whether or not something renders is determined by how many pixels it covers on your screen
  • Player Equipment now renders in reflections like mirrors
  • Fixed Font Rendering on Linux
  • Max font size has been increased from 128px to 255px (upstream from GMod)
  • Fixed DiscordRPC being unable to query Discord
  • Chat Outline now has a default of 50% on the Chromium and x86-64 branches (since they're not going away anytime soon)
  • Updated /rules chat command to tell the player we don't have Rules yet
  • Fixed infinite loop in certain Database Query Error scenarios
  • Locations no longer update while the player is dead
  • All clientside ConVars now use Help Text that'll appear in the console normally
  • Scoreboard Settings now read their values from the ConVar's HintText if available
  • Fixed surface.GetTextSize trying to use # localization stuff, giving us the wrong values

  • The Ship Map has been updated to v15!
    • Splendor Cinema has been completely remade from scratch
      • Now has a proper Lobby with Ticket Booths, Concessions, a Kitchen, Waterfalls, Posters, etc
      • Auditoriums have been improved with better lighting and appearance
      • New Splendor Cinema Shop (items coming soon)
    • New Directory Boards
      • Updated Map with You Are Here markers
    • Improved Promenades
      • Added Lifeboats, Inflatable Rafts, Benches, proper lighting, etc
    • Improved Bowling Alley
      • Better lighting with an increased number of Bowling Lanes, to 16 (may be temporary; we'll see)
      • Added a Bar and space for the upcoming Bowling Alley Shop
      • Added Booths and a Counter that surrounds the alley for bar seating
    • Excursions Marina
      • It's been moved to be down the Main Fore Stairs, which makes sense
      • Added waterfalls, booths, and decoration
    • The Bumper Cars arena has been replaced by the new Rec Complex
      • A new Jogging Track, Locker Rooms, Basketball Courts, and the Upcoming Arcade have come to the Ship!
      • You'll be able to throw balls around in the Basketball Courts soon
    • Improved Nightclub
      • The Bar has returned!
      • Added a variety of seating and tables to the area
    • Improved Atrium
      • Added 2 New Shops
        • Gadget's Gizmos (Electronics and Lighting)
        • Build-On-Ship (Building Materials)
      • Improved the rest of the Shops
        • The Toy Shop is now The Toy Box, with a much better look
        • Cosmetic Shuffle now showcases all of our hats on its stands
        • Cabin Passion now demonstrates the Book Shelves and Ceiling Fans
        • The Pet Shop's ramps now work for Watermelon Pets
      • Added a Fountain with fish and turtles that react to your movement
      • New Entities are now showcased on the Atrium upper level platforms
      • Added the Portside Bar
        • A relaxing and warm atmosphere for you and your friends to drink and sing Karaoke!
    • Improved Stateroom Lobby
      • Added proper lighting for Nighttime
      • Added trees, seating areas, and tables
      • Added Front Desk for the Front Desk NPCs
      • Cabin Status Colors are now displayed above the Cabins with their Names
    • Lido Deck
      • The Pool now has water in it, with steps to get out
      • A Helipad is now a work-in-progress on the Bow
      • Way way more work incoming in the future; will probably be its own update
    • Improved Skybox
      • Ocean Water has been improved, including having real reflection/refraction in the Excursion Marina
      • Nighttime ocean water is no longer just a black void
      • Pink Clouds can now be seen during Sunset
      • The Moon can now be seen during Nighttime
      • Sunbeams are now tied to the Sunbeams setting during all Times of Day
    • New Ambience for Splendor Cinema Lobby/Auditoriums, Splendor Cinema Kitchen, and Rec Complex Locker Rooms
    • Arches now dynamically change their appearance depending on time of day
  • New Items
    • Fairy Pet (15,000 Loot)
    • Restaurant Booth (25,000 Loot)
    • Confetti Shooter (Now available in The Toy Box, 500 Loot)
  • New Achievement
    • It's HIM: Find HIM (200 Loot)
  • The Chatbox now properly draws over Excursion Map Voting
  • Added Changelog Screen
  • The Donate Screen now uses a Render Target for improved performance
  • Added /leaderboards chat command
  • Excursions Marina Leaderboards can now be interacted with to show the full Leaderboards webpages
  • Item Placement Sounds are now emitted from the entity and dynamic based on the entity's materials
  • Probably actually fixed sometimes not being able to pick up Placed Items
  • Fixed Item Duplication glitch involving Cabins
  • Updated Old Monitor with a flatter screen model
  • Added Nightclub Media Idle Screen
  • The Nightclub's "light" wall materials now stay lit up when the song is just too strong
  • Fixed Nightclub Cubes drawing outside of the Nightclub
  • Changed default Media Screen Shake value to 0.05 (5%) and Increased the multiplier for Screen Shake by 5x (500% previously is 100% now)
  • Media Screens can now dynamically use the increased 255px max font size
  • Replaced Client Time with Time Until Next Time of Day Change on Splendor Cinema screens
  • Added Pink Clouds to the Splendor Cinema Media screens during Sunset
  • Time of Day Change HUD now correctly shows the number of minutes and seconds remaining
  • Time of Day Change HUD no longer shows "Please Wait" message for the final 5 minutes. If your computer's time is wrong, it'll show up as wrong now
  • Renamed "dequipping" to "unequipping" for Equipment
  • Fixed Cabin Changes clearing NPC dialog even if you weren't the player that made the change
  • Added more text to the "Don't drink the water" conspiracy dialog
  • Portside Bar light sprites automatically hide themselves based on visibility while still using $ignorez
  • Adjusted several NPC Dialog messages
  • Tweaked several HUD notifications to include punctuation among other things
This update was sponsored by YOU! Without your valuable feedback and support, an update like this one would not have been possible!

Thanks for supporting us these past 8 months! Love You All! <3
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