Denied Ban Appeal of Object Of Depression

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New Member
Steam Username
- Object of Depression

Length of Ban
- Banishment for ever

Staff Member that Banned You
- WinterPhoenix

Ban Reason
- It was Harrasment and like being a public nuisance and not sure if anything else was there cause I haven’t tried to log in, in years.

Why You Should Be Unbanned
- I feel like should be unbanned cause from when I was 16 I loved Gmod and played forever and caused trouble throughout multiple servers which gave me a bad rep, i was moderator for multiple servers, made my own servers after I realized I was a piece of shit during the times I was just messing around on Yuki looking for fun but fun in my view of bothering others and being arrogant. I’m fully responsible for what i did but the players that I harassed were not such good fellows themself and played victim card and me being already the shitbag I was yearssss ago, I was looked at as a banish-able degenerate that had to go. Winter had to ban me as soon as he spawned in cause I was correlated with others who were also on bullshit but not to the extreme that I was. I was just making people turn into wookies and annoying private theaters and trolling with melons. Zero Two was my name at the time and even had like maybe 1 or 2 people who could vouch for me in the fact that I’m not a piece of shit or how I used to be. I’m 26 now and just want to enjoy a normal anime cinema experience and just chill. So yeah , here’s another appeal that will prob be smited but hey it’s what it is and the thought that counts. Happy new years!
This ban is Permanent and therefore not appealable. See the response to your other ban appeals.

Not open for further replies.