1. Akiko

    The Pokémon X/Y/OR/AS/SUN/MOON Megathread (Trading, Battling, Meta & More)

    Welcome to the Pokémon X/Y/OR/AS Megathread. This thread exists to talk about the games, find and offer trades with other players, find battle partners, ask for tips or advice and help in the games, build teams, or anything else pertaining to the 6th Generation of the game series. BATTLES...
  2. salty bird

    Favorite Pokemon?

    20th anniversary on the 27th and I was wondering what your favorite Poke-mans were! Any particular reason why? I'll break the ice! Mine is Arcanine because fire is the best and it's a huge fluffy dog.
  3. salty bird

    Pokemon 20th Anniversary hype!

    I'll never forget my first handheld gaming device. My aunt bought me a translucent purple GameBoy Color with a game I never heard of before, Pokemon (blue version). That game opened up the world of Pokemon for me. I have hundreds of trading cards, love the 1st and 2nd movies and their...