1. glitchy⛤

    Kanna Kamui Playermodel

    For a long time I've been wishing a Kanna Kamui as a Playermodel, I've also added the Steamlink where to find it. Hopefully it will be added!<3
  2. ITZJ0K3RR


    Hey, i htought about this after i got the scout regiment popcorn what if we had either eren yeager titan form or else a few atack on titan playermodels like levi since hes scout regiment
  3. Crusader

    Idea for new MS model for playermodel

    GM3 ZAKU 2 RX0 Unicorn Ï am big fan of gundam univese i think the server need more Gundam Model...
  4. Kuro Usagi

    Won't Fix Compa using actions in wrong direction

    Summary of Issue Encountered Compa doesn't face forward when using /lay, /meditate, /sit Expected Result Compa faces forward (where camera faces) when using those commands Actual Result Compa turns 90 degrees to the right Steps to Reproduce Equip Compa and try to use one of the commands...
  5. Kuro Usagi

    A playermodel that turns invisible when you wear a hat

    It'd be cool to have floating hats, but not cool to be completely invisible. So maybe if it's just if we're wearing a hat?