1. Triscuit

    Pharos Nightclub Requesting Media

    When trying to request media, it says that I need to use a direct link to a file. I tried linking music I had in my dropbox, but that didn't work. How should I go about requesting music?
  2. Miyako

    Expired Lobby Music Not Working

    I keep getting this error when I join YukiTheater > [Lobby Music Player] Initialization Failed, Check your Custom Link (F4>Lobby Music Selector). I've changed the custom link to what I wanted, left it at default, changed to something else... nothing helps. Is there a way to fix it? Not really...
  3. Kuro Usagi

    HOW TO: Use Lobby Music Selector

    sorry for low mic volume ;w;
  4. Akiko


    This is a thread pertaining to my doujin group, Lunar/Shift. Lunar/Shift is a group which creates original music as well as high quality song covers of many kinds. I will share some music here, and links for demos and albums when they become available. Arise (Original Song) Calm Eyes Fixed...