1. Virtasy

    Solved is it possible to appeal a SGS discord ban?

    hi, i would like to file an appeal for re-entré into the discord chat, as i've been mistakenly ejected. i didn't notice a section on these forums for it, and am actually wondering if it's not forbidden altogether. i'm willing to wait a few months, if necessary. it's also pretty short, if that...
  2. Dandelion

    Problem with Video Requester

    Hello, i'm a user of this server that is actually in a problem with the video requester. I tried with Q and with the alternative buttons, it still doesn't work. Maybe it's a bind problem, but i looked at my bind and none of them has the key Q. Actually i've tried relogging in the server at it...
  3. Broseph Stalin

    What would I need to learn to become a yuki developer?

    Hey, hows it going yuki crew? Just wanted to ask what kinds of things I would need to learn to become a developer on this server. I haven't worked with servers much at all, but I do know how to program C# at a beginner college level thanks to Tony Gaddis's Starting Out with Visual C# 2012. This...
  4. CyberGaming

    Solved Cant Join YukiTheatre At All I have followed these steps and i am still unable to join... Reset computer and internet several times... Was working fine yesterday Other servers work for me...