1. Haru

    Denied Yashiro/Haru/Multiple more name's Staff Application! > w<

    Steam Username: alreana Current Age: Well! Last time I checked I am 17 years of age upon this application's creation :D Timezone (Use this website if you don't know): My Time zone is UTC +10! Time Ranges Typically on the Server in a Day (Eastern Time): Sadly. The time that I can be on the...
  2. Akiko

    Summer Giveaway Results

    The winners and their prizes will be listed below. Prizes will be delivered via Private Message on the forums within the next few hours. Congratulations and thank you for entering the giveaway! We hope you enjoy your prizes. I'd also like to thank @Zep and @salty bird for contributing prizes to...
  3. Akiko

    Solstice Super Sunny Summer Sweepstakes

    Rules of Entry: Each guest will receive 10 entries; additional entries can be obtained by donating or being an existing donor. Donors will receive 15 entries and Power Donors will receive 20 entries. Tier I prizes will cost 3 entries each; Tier II prizes will cost 1 entry each. You must be...
  4. (DEMON) Skullfire

    What is your favorite anime?

    Basically, just post your favorite anime below. Remember have fun. Rules: Have fun, Do not post nothing other than anime I have 2. Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z.