Top 3 Donators for July 2020

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What are donations used for?

We use these donations in order to pay for the operating costs of Solstice Game Studios, its developers, and the projects we run.

What are Legacy Donators?

If you donated to us before May 1st, 2017, you are considered a "Legacy Donator." Please read this announcement for more information.

Upon Donating (at least $10) you will receive...

  • Donator Rank in all of Solstice Game Studios' servers
  • Recognition as a Donator on our Discord Chat and Forums
  • GMod Cruise Line:
    • 20,000 Loot (Donator Achievement)
    • Access to Exclusive Items and Item Features
    • Higher Cabin Item Placement Limit (400, instead of 200)
    • Customizable Glow Effect
    • ...and more Coming Soon!
  • YukiTheater:
    • 10,000 Credits (Donator! Achievement)
    • 1.75x Credit Payout for Videos
    • Increased Video Request Limit (5)
    • 15% off Shop Items
  • Our Undying Love <3




If you're donating for someone other than yourself, enter their Steam ID / Discord User ID instead of your own!

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Last 5 Donators

2020-06-27 23:55:11 EDT STEAM_0:0:79307062: $15
2020-06-26 00:05:51 EDT STEAM_0:0:139417013: $15
2020-06-25 23:53:29 EDT STEAM_0:1:431690205: $10
2020-06-22 22:35:10 EDT STEAM_0:1:506119000: $10
2020-06-22 19:11:50 EDT STEAM_0:1:64359593: $15