Sticky YukiTheater Feature Ideas

So the electronics shop has an old PC setup but i would like to see a modern PC desktop item added, along with a modern keyboard to suit the monitor item.

For the time being you can always do something with the stickers to create your own gaming PC.
I think Yuki-Bot should be a mascot! As in have an official design and look! I believe we should hold a contest for the official design too so everybody can be creative and show what they might want Yuki-Bot to look like! :3
Could we also get more decorations for the apartments? Mainly toys, food, and other small things to place around the apartments!
I think an occasional(once per 4-6 hours) server-wide zombie attack lasting for 4-5 minutes with everyone being given some guns during that time would be cool. The zombies wouldn't go into the theaters or apartments, but it would be there for everyone to get out of the room for a few minutes if they wanted to. Maybe points rewarded for each zombie killed?
Also, this music should play during it: