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Steam Username: Yabadabadooo

Lenght Of Ban: 2 Weeks

Member Who Banned Me: patanima

Ban Reason: Chat Spam, Disgusting, Disturbing, Ear Rape, Harassment

Why I Should Be Unbanned: The video I requested was disgusting but I didn't mean to put it on. I'll explain. I go on cereal box cinema(cancerous cinema server) to troll and I spam a good 20-30 videos on that server a day. So on other cinema servers they are all in my queue. I wanted to find a video to request on this server(High School DxD Season 1 Episode 4) but most of my videos aren't named appropriatly so I kind of have to play a few videos to find the right one. One of the videos I requested was very disgusting and I didnt know it was that one. I didn't mean to play it and if I could get unbanned that would make my day. Thank You to whoever this may concern.
Hi there Yabadabadooo.
Thank you for taking the time to make an appeal.

The video you played was undoubtedly disgusting. I decided to ban you for it since you were warned earlier for harassing a player as well as having recent warnings for rule breaking activities. Those are noted above as chat spam, disturbing, and ear rape all from June 23. It was clear to me that day that you weren't here with good intentions. So back to what you did today. It's up to you to now what you are queuing. You may be punished or even banned like in this case for the videos you queue, regardless if they were accidental or not. There's several warnings that insist that you don't queue rule breaking videos and we have video logs to monitor what videos are queued. I understand it may have been an accident but that's hard to believe when you can clearly see the title. This one being "When u drink to much milk and think u have to fart. And it go wrong" . I would think you would at least avoid queuing that one especially if you know there are bad videos in your history. You also didn't force skip it and instead let it play. All that said I don't think you deserve to be unbanned. At the most I'll reduce your ban a few days since we did talk on steam about it for a bit and you seemed to know that you messed up. Please be more careful what you queue in the future. I'd suggest removing those videos from you history and when you're back to avoid queuing anything like that ever again.
Your unban date is now 07/08/16.
See you then.

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