Denied Unban request if this even works for me

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In-Game Name: CPU Renny Heart (EnderNator10)
or EnderNator10 at that momend
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:75433674

Length of Ban: Permanend

Who banned you?: Winterphoenix96

The reason you where banned: Harming the server and requesting a refund

Please give a explanation as to why you should be unbanned:
i explained in a other post but here is the story
just wanted to say sorry
Well some of you may know me as EnderNator10 well let me tell my story of why i am so mad at winter and stuff it all begon way before i joined i whas getting bullyed 24/7 and kept alive by the love of my friends at TeamVoc and minecraft when reason asked me to join YukiTheater to spy i did that but i begon to love the server and donated i whas finaley happy and had a place where i lived and made friends until i one day got bullyed really hard and whas depressed i told you guys about my suicide and people started lauging about including ModerShip(sorry forgot his full name) i whas getting mad ofcorse and start saying things like "Fuck u all why are you guys bullying me and got banned first 24h then later it got extended cause i kept begging for a unban wich made me do a refund of my donation i know that is a bad idea but i whas about to attempt suicide well after my suicide failed i got banned by Winter himself this time it whas a permanend one i got so pissed that i begon a war with includes attacks on the server and winter himself all to get a unban i know i whas bad but that is mostley because my mind got currupted by the heavy amound of bullying and the fact i culd not leave the server i used to love well i am sorry for all the things i did i will do a unban request even tough i propley wont get a unban even so please leave my accound on here unbanned i promess i wont spam anymore
There seems to be some misunderstanding as to why you were banned and as to why we continue to deny your appeals.

You were originally banned for an angry outburst against other players on YukiTheater. After you posted a Ban Appeal on the original Forums, you disputed your Donation on PayPal, which is against our Donation Terms of Use. As consequence, your ban was increased to Permanent as per the consequence stated in those Terms of Use.

Following your discovery that you were banned Permanently, you proceeded to spam the original Forums with Ban Appeals. As a result, your Forum Account was banned there.

Over the previous year, you have created numerous Alternate Accounts on both the Forums and Steam, over multiple IPs, using VPNs and Proxies, in an attempt to get around your ban. The latest one being AKPrivate. You have also threatened to cause personal harm against me, spread Dox Information for myself and my Staff, attacked our infrastructure through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks, and spammed our Social Networks with harassing messages.

Let me be extremely clear when I say this. You are never going to be unbanned. Should you continue any of this, I will bring legal action against you on grounds of criminal harassment, attacking of computer systems, and intentional spread of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Further, you will be banned from posting on these Forums once I have posted this response. We have had enough. Leave us alone.

/Denied for the last time
Not open for further replies.