Denied To Be Unbanned

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Steam Username - LunarKitsune.

Length of Ban - Permanent

Staff Member that Banned You - Owner

Ban Reason - Inciting Drama, Trolling, Harassment.

Why You Should Be Unbanned - It's been more than two years since ive been banned. I no longer am how i was when i was banned during that time period. I no longer play those child like games of trolling, harassment, and creating drama. I would like to just come to the server to enjoy it for what it is. I understand why i was banned in the past. I'd like to ask to be let onto the server again.


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Founder/Lead Developer
Hi LunarKitsune,

We had an unban wave in September 2021, where we re-evaluated all of the "Permanent" Bans. This was in effort to cleanup the less severe offenders and solidify a policy moving forward that turns so-called "Permanent" Bans into actually being permanent.

You were 1 of 6 players we elected not to unban.

Sharing nudes of another player without their permission is a severe offense that we have no tolerance for. I'm sorry to say, but in this case, permanent does mean permanent.

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