Accepted Snyder1171's ban appeal

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New Member
Steam Username
snyder1171 (currently sneeder1171)

Length of Ban

Staff Member that Banned You
I dont remember

Ban Reason
According to the reasons I was banned, I was banned for tease, disgusting content, and attempting to join the server on other steam accounts

Why You Should Be Unbanned
I have grown more mature since the last time I was on yukitheater, I think I can act more responsible and abide by the rules of the server more
observantly and I will also be respectful on the forums as well.


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
Hi Snyder,

We've chatted a bit and agree that we'll unban you on the condition that if you break the rules again, your ban will be reinstated. Please read the rules before you rejoin.

See You There!

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