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New Member
Steam Username

Length of Ban
1 week

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
Gore i think?

Why You Should Be Unbanned
I played the video yesterday and no one said I wasnt allowed to play it / nor told me that it was going to be blacklisted. then i played it today and got an instant ban instead of a warning. I didn't mean any harm or anything when i played it I honestly didnt think it was bad. I hope you can review this and possibly remove the ban and give a warning instead? I'll be more careful in the future.
Hello im the moderator who banned you so il be handling this appeal, first let me get the videos you were banned for:

Tease -

Tease -

Ecchi -,

Gore -

Alright lets start off with your ban reasons, firstly you were banned for 4 reasons not just gore. I warned you first back on the 20th this month about ASMR videos with Sucking/Slurping sounds not being allowed. Then on the following day you were warned by another mod for the same reason playing a sexual tease ASMR video when i told you do not play them, Next you were warned on the 24th for playing videos that contained Ecchi content in a public theater, and Lastly you were banned today the 25th for an Attack On Titan AMV that contained animated gore in public theater. Now i was going to reduce your ban to 4 days because i believe you did not break the rules intentionally but due to these repeated offenses such as the ASMR im not too sure now so I've decided to only reduce by 2 days next time there will not be a reduction so please remember to follow the rules when you return. Also to elaborate on the banning just because a video is not blacklisted. What i mean is that it might of played it before and no staff noticed it or saw so it was never seen therefor was not blacklisted, but this does not mean its okay to play necessarily. And also just because something is not blacklisted it doesn't excuse from keeping the rules in mind you should always refer to the rules if you are not 100% sure something is okay to play or ask a mod or Super Admin with @ in chat on the server.

Your New Unban Date is: 06/3016

see you then

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