Denied ReassembledGod's Moderator Application

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Steam Username

Current Age

Timezone (Use this website if you don't know)

Time Ranges typically on our Servers in a Day (Eastern Time)
10:00am - 8:00pm I would say usually. Lately I have been on the server almost all day

Position Applying For (Moderator, Programmer, Modeler, Mapper, Graphics Artist, or Video Editor/Marketeer)

Understand and Agree to Maintain Activity Quota? (Moderators only)
Yes, I understand and Agree to Maintain Activity Quota

Past Experience/Creations Applicable to Position (Provide links if possible)
Past Senior Moderator on Gaminglight ImperialRP a few years ago, I have been staff on other servers before but I forget what most of their names even were because they were from a while ago and are shut down by now except for gaminglight which I named. I do know the basics of being a staff member and understand how to follow a staff handbook to follow the right procedures in handling situations.

Community Join Date and Total Playtime on our Servers (you can give a rough estimate if you don't know; Playtime on Yuki: F4>Show Player Stats, Playtime on GMCL: Look at your Player Card)

YukiTheater Playtime: 157:33:16 (Jan10th 2023) Updated hours on YukiTheater as of January 14th, 2023, is 205:06:24

First Join: 2021-01-10 09:52:34 EST​

How You Would Improve the Studio or Community
I would be at the best of my ability to keep the community as a safe environment and welcoming place to join and watch stuff with friends. I also feel like I would be an asset to the staff team because of my activity on the server and I would also like to work with you guys to make this community as friendly as possible.

Extra Information or Comments

Thank you for taking the time to read my application
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The staff has reviewed your application and voted to Deny it.
Reasons cited by staff members: Haven't interacted much with staff, concerns about low playtime given joining in 2021.

Should you wish to apply again in the future, we ask you to please review the above notes before you do. Better luck next time!

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