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Basic Information
Steam Username: Potatofactory
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56987503 (76561198074240735)
Current Age: (os.time () - ((3.1536e7 * 30) + (2.6784e6 * 5) + (8.64e4 * 3) + 46800)) / 3.1536e7
Timezone: Central Standard Timezone (GMT -0600)
Time Range: 8pm ~ 10pm (This will obviously change if I'm building something awesome)
Community Join Date: To be honest not sure
Total Playtime on Servers: I'm not sure how to check UTime but I'm gonna guess 10-20 hours

Prior Experience
Administrative Positions:

  • Developer @ Garry's Mod Life
  • Senior Developer, Superadmin @ Diablo Gaming
    • Reason for Leave: Group Disbanded
  • Senior Developer, GM Manager @ Pococraft
  • Developer, Administrator @ Grey Wolf Gaming
    • Reason for Leave: Abusive Superior
  • Administrator @ Python Gaming
    • Reason for Leave: Group Disbanded
  • Lead Developer, Superadmin @ Aperture Industries
    • Reason for Leave: Group Disbanded

Programming Experience:
Live Examples:
I don't mean to advertise sorry :(

* * Because most of my projects were small or medium size not all of them are open-sourced
Programming Languages:
  • The Essentials of Web Development
    • HTML5
    • CSS
    • SQL
    • JavaScript
      • node.js
      • phantom.js
      • jQuery
      • AJAX
    • PHP
    • The Principles of Web Design
  • The Essentials of Stored Data as a String
    • JSON
    • XML
    • YAML
  • The Basics of Application Development
    • C++ (basic knowledge)
    • C# (basic knowledge)
  • Lua
    • GLua
  • Python
  • SourcePawn
Application Form
Hello, today I will be applying for the position of Programmer. I believe that I've met all the requirements and, I'm really excited to be able to apply for this position and opportunity as well. I've spent most of my time on smaller easy to manage projects, but I've decided that it may be time to work on perhaps bigger projects as so, almost a year ago I started working on medium sized 'server' projects, These projects consisted mainly of only one server or community; Mainly all of them related to the source engine and more specifically, Garry's Mod Game Development; I had a lot of fun doing this. However, I soon realized that perhaps I should go further and try to tackle a much larger and meaningful project (not saying the other ones were less in value) doing so, a few weeks ago I stumbled upon YukiTheater which had an extensive amount of great concepts and I could sense that the developers of this project really seemed to care considering how much work was put into it into it. So, I come today with an open application on joining your wonderful development team to do things such as, increase productivity, build something that can cause hours of fun, and, of course help people make their ideas turn into reality.

How You Would Improve the Studio or Community
I would try and complete the trello and also make the user experience better by doing various things which may include bug fixing, rewriting ULX, increasing player interaction in the main lobby with NPCs, adding side activities which may be easily loadable on the same map but not cause disturbance to the actual theater.

Closing Statements
Thank for allowing me to apply for this wonderful position!
With your consensus vote I hope to provide a wonderful experience that will leave wonderful memories and keep people coming back for more.


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