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To gain Native Piano MIDI Support, you have to install the gmcl_midi Module into your GMod Installation. We cannot, unfortunately, make this download automatically for you when you join, so you will have to download and install it manually.

Steps to Install the Module:
  1. Exit Garry's Mod and open this thread in your Regular Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc), if you aren't already
  2. Go to SteamApps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/lua/bin (SteamApps is most likely in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam or C:\Program Files\Steam, unless you installed Steam to a different drive)
  3. If there isn't a folder named bin under the lua folder, create it
  4. Download the Latest Version from here:
    • win32 = Windows, 32-bit
    • win64 = Windows, 64-bit (only on the x86-64 branch of GMod)
    • linux = Linux
  5. Place the downloaded module in the lua/bin folder
  6. Plug in your MIDI Keyboard, open Garry's Mod, and join YukiTheater
  7. If your MIDI Keyboard is detected by your computer correctly, and you've installed the Module correctly, it should come up with a popup asking what MIDI Device you want to use when you enter Advanced Mode on the Piano
  8. Play Away!

If you are in need of a virtual MIDI driver you can download one freely from HERE, couple this with a program like Aria Maestosa to stream your MIDI file collection to the piano.

If you're interested in learning songs without using a MIDI Keyboard, check out the Piano Lessons Sharing Thread on pixelTail's Forums!
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