Oct 31, 2017


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Apr 23, 2017.

  • Updated Map to Halloween 2017's "Glitched" Map (will be active for November)
  • Temporarily made Ambient Music spooky
  • Temporarily enabled Halloween Theming
  • Temporarily disabled Snowball Fights
  • Added "Baby Baby Baby", "Kanna You Cross It?", and "WASTED" achievements
  • Re-enabled "Unexpected Spooks" achievement temporarily
  • Added RGB Glow Effect for when players win Slot Machine Jackpots
  • Fixed /headbang emote
  • Increased Max Rent Time for Donators+ to 3 hours
  • Increased AFK Timeout for Private Theaters' Owners to 24 Minutes (must be in the theater)
  • Added a Public Theater to the Outside Rooftop
  • Donators now get both Pink and White Glow Sticks
  • Multicore Rendering tweaks are now only enabled if enabled in GMod's Video Options (gives the option for people to turn it off if it's causing crashes)
  • Switched from tmysql4 to MySQLOOv9 for Database System
  • Fixed and re-fixed 9Anime several times
  • Fixed some Default GMod Playermodels not correctly being marked as such
  • Fixed not-utf8-valid usernames/titles causing MySQL errors
  • Replaced LuaError2 with GMCL's ErrorLog system
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