Oct 10, 2014


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Added Ustream Live Video support (Recorded Videos planned)
  • Replaced HD Video Playback checkbox in F1>Options with Force Video Resolution
  • Setting the Theater Screen Resolution now adjusts the Video's Quality based on it for supported Video Services (Force Resolution must be checked)
  • Added support for 1440p (Ultra HD) and 1536p (2K) Theater Screen Resolutions in F1>Options
  • Moving up Videos in the Queue is now Free if you're the Auditorium's Owner
  • Sep 27, 2014 - Fixed Livestream support
  • Fixed Shop Items not showing the correct Item Cost for Donators+ (Discount still applied)
  • Sep 27, 2014 - Fixed Scoreboard Font Issues
  • Fixed Kanade Tachibana using any hat causing a ton of Lua Errors (2025 of them were logged)
  • Added Workaround for Popcorn Buckets sometimes having an invalid kernel texture if the player isn't fully init
  • Increased reconnect time using cinema_admin_restart from 3 seconds to 10, restarting the SRCDS Server tends to take longer than that and some players used to time out
  • Added cinema_admin_shutdown command to allow for proper cleanup without players being forced to reconnect
  • Increased the delay until fetching a player's Title to 10 seconds due to race-condition errors