Denied Obunga Ban Appeal

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Steam Username

Length of Ban

5 days

Staff Member that Banned You

No idea
Ban Reason


Why You Should Be Unbanned

Being unbanned would be cool, but I was more hoping to at least cut my ban in half. I am new and I like the server, I'll chill out. The earrape I have been accused of was more of the negligence of not previewing videos. I don't intentionally look for those types of videos, they just happen when surfing through youtube. Also, I won't play sigma male affirmation videos anymore if that helps.


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Hi, since I was the Staff Member who banned you, I will be handling your Ban Appeal.

You were banned for the following videos:
3296153 - Video contains Ear Rape.
3295965 - Video contains Ear Rape.
3294475 - Video contains Discrimination.

After reviewing some of your video logs and the ones posted above, your ban will stand as it currently is. I went through your other video logs and found some more rule breaking videos, which were blacklisted. Your un-ban date will stand as 03/18/21 07:50:04, hope to see you then and be sure to read the rules.
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