Accepted Momo's moderator application

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Staff member
Steam Username
Momo STEAM_0:0:53752681

Current Age


Time Ranges typically on our Servers in a Day (Eastern Time)
5pm until 10pm monday-thursday
5pm around 2am friday
All day saturday and sunday

Position Applying For (Moderator, Programmer, Modeler, Mapper, Graphics Artist, or Video Editor/Marketeer)

Understand and Agree to Maintain Activity Quota? (Moderators only)
I understand and agree to maintain activity quota

Past Experience/Creations Applicable to Position (Provide links if possible)
No in game experience, but i used to be team leader in a factory as my last job, interacting with employees and defusing fights doing reports to my boss and making intervention if necessary.
I also used to moderate guild in MMO and planning activities and farming session

Community Join Date and Total Playtime on our Servers
I first joined back in 2014, pretty sure i had the yuki anniversary achievement of that year.
Total playtime roughly 1 300 hours

How You Would Improve the Studio or Community
I've been a fairly active player over the last 2 years and I would like to help keep Yuki a safe and friendly place for everyone, with the Olympus project finally live I think now is the time you need all the help you can get.
After Olympus, when most bugs are fixed and the new features are implemented i would like to hold events to keep the community engaged, with anime nights voting on an anime and binge a couple episodes every tuesday for example.

Extra Information or Comments
Thank you all for having me and I hope you all have a wonderful time !
English isn't my native language but I keep working on improving it so hopefully I can use this opportunity to learn more.
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