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Denied Modz's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by 【Modzツ】, Jul 11, 2019.

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  1. 【Modzツ】

    【Modzツ】 New Member

    Jul 11, 2019
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    Steam Username

    Length of Ban
    2 weeks

    Staff Member that Banned You

    Ban Reason
    Ecchi, Trolling, Harassment, Discrimination

    Why You Should Be Unbanned

    because 3 out of the four arent true
    I watched ecchi but I turned it off
  2. RachelXyori

    RachelXyori New Member Donator

    May 26, 2017
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    Hello, I was the admin who banned you so I will handle your appeal. I banned you because you have been toxic and exhibiting the kind of behavior that our community does not support.

    You said you were not racist?
    "?Modz??: im good at stealing things because im mexican"

    You said you did nothing to constitute harassment?

    You to ?Modz??: Just wanted to let you know, overly sexual animes like high school DxD are not allowed in public theaters as they fall
    ?Modz??: okay?
    You to ?Modz??: under /ecchi
    ?Modz??: heck off
    ?Modz??: were listening to music
    ?Modz??: also says in the rules highschool dxd is allowed
    ?Modz??: so suck thiss pp extendus
    [GLOBAL] ?Modz??: this might be one of those stuck up admins dont trust it
    ?Modz??: agreeable
    Rachelxyori: it is allowed in exclusive or private not public
    Scotus has left YukiTheater. (STEAM_0:0:217503740)
    ?Modz??: eat this pp untuchus
    ?Modz??: why are you even saying that to us?
    ?Modz??: we're just listenig to music lmao
    Rachelxyori: because i saw you requested it and i was trying to give you a friendly heads up
    ?Modz??: #1 how would you see i requested it if you joined after we turned it off
    ?Modz??: and i turned it off like 3 mins into it
    Rachelxyori: you didnt turn it off it was vote skipped
    ?Modz??: i force skipped it
    Rachelxyori: https://www.yukitheater.org/theater/videoinfo.php?id=2611385
    ?Modz??: i dont trust your grabify links
    ?Modz??: nigga on cashapp
    ?Modz??: what is your job btw
    ?Modz??: obv
    ?Modz??: but what was she/he hired for
    ?Modz??: maybe to suck this pp extendus
    ?Modz??: Lmao
    ?Modz??: can you leave pls
    ?Modz??: unless you tryna catch these hands
    ?Modz??: or i can catch yours if you down to be mine ;)

    I've also received complaints from multiple users about you screaming into your mic begging for credits which is against the /rules. It is for these reasons I will be denying your appeal. Thank you and have a great day <3

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.