July 3, 2024


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This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since May 21, 2024.

  • Added new Particle Effect Shop to the Manga Shop
  • Added 28 New Items
    • Top Shop
      • Confetti Shooter: 500 Credits | Celebrate with confetti! (10 shots)
      • Firework Launcher: 800 Credits | Rocket jumping? No, firework jumping! (1 shot)
    • Pet Shop
      • Maxwell: 12,500 Credits | do not bend. Credit: WickedRabbit, шизео кодзима
    • Particle Effect Shop
      • Aesthetics: 12,500 Credits | a e s t h e t i c
      • Blue Pixels: 12,500 Credits | 1/3rd of the RGB spectrum in your pocket!
      • Bokeh: 12,500 Credits | Muh bokeh.
      • Bubbles: 10,000 Credits | MY bubbles.
      • Credits Fountain: 750,000 Credits | When you can afford a fountain made of MONEY!
      • Cubes: 17,500 Credits | Miniature glowing cubes that react to music!
      • Embers: 12,500 Credits | You're on fire! ... sort of?
      • Emoji Cancer: 2,000,000 Credits | 👌 😂 💯
      • Falling Pixels: 12,500 Credits | Why can't I hold all of these pixels?!
      • Green Pixels: 12,500 Credits | 1/3rd of the RGB spectrum in your pocket!
      • Hearts: 12,500 Credits | I less-than-3 you!
      • Kiwi: 17,500 Credits | Kiwis or Kiwis? But not Kiwis...that would be weird.
      • Nebula: 20,000 Credits | Bring a piece of space with you!
      • Pink Pixels: 12,500 Credits | 1/3rd of the...wait a second...
      • Red Pixels: 12,500 Credits | 1/3rd of the RGB spectrum in your pocket!
      • Salad: 17,500 Credits | No, not that kind of iceberg.
      • Sparkles: 10,000 Credits | It sparkles!
    • Seasonal Shop (Spring)
      • Rain Cloud: 10,000 Credits | Rain...water from above.
    • Seasonal Shop (Summer)
      • Heatwave: 17,500 Credits | Florida simulator.
    • Seasonal Shop (Autumn)
      • Autumn: 15,000 Credits | Fulfill your childhood fantasy of being a tree!
      • Blood Rain Cloud: 10,000 Credits | Rain blood from above!
      • Ghosts: 12,500 Credits | 2spooky
    • Seasonal Shop (Winter)
      • Frostbite: 15,000 Credits | A blanket of coldness.
      • Snow: 10,000 Credits | I guess this is why they call it the theater of snow?
    • Furniture Shop
      • Floor Cushion: 1,500 Credits | Perfect for kotatsus. Credit: Akiko
  • Added "Gordon you lousy ****" Achievement: 100 Credits | Watch "aggressive scientist snaps during lunch break" by The Pootis Saver
  • Fixed fumo offsets with acid barrels in E1M1

  • Rocket Firework: Explosions now apply physics force to players/zombies nearby (rocket jumping!)
  • Fountain Firework: Zombies now light on fire when standing on top
  • Confetti Shooter: Confetti is now red/white/blue on July 4th
  • Seats: Added/Fixed offsets for Bar Stool 2 and Floor Cushion
  • Voice Chat: Heavily optimized and fixed hearing players from world origin in some scenarios
  • Media: Fixed YouTube ad-skipping again
  • Media: Errors now say if a request was Cloudflare mitigated
  • Media: Fixed YouTube livestreams always starting at the beginning
  • Media: Fixed Twitch Clips
  • Media: Fixed "new feature" popup on TikTok not being dismissed automatically
  • Media: Added yet another valid YouTube video path (youtube.com/live/videoID)
  • HUD: Crosshair is no longer drawn if you aren't currently holding a weapon
  • Watermelon Pet: Finally fixed the hearts effect when near another melon
  • Watermelon Pet: The melon now has to be within 256 units of another melon to react (down from 700)
  • Koopa Pet: Improved collision detection for walls/floors
  • Koopa Pet: Fixed movement not being predicted at all, causing stuttering
  • GUI: Fixed Player Customization not always focusing on the center of the relevant model
  • GUI: Player Customization now previews particle effects(!!)
  • GUI: Fixed particle effect preview in Shop and made it inherit your playermodel's set playercolor
  • GUI: Added welcome messages for the Particle Effect Shop
  • GUI: Fixed Shop not handling item type switching very well (seasonal shop fix to support particle effects)

  • GUI: Fixed player count being inaccurate on scoreboard before everybody's loaded
  • Inventory: Re-enabled and fixed several issues with particle effect rendering
  • Inventory: Fixed equipment detaching from players with certain taunts
  • Inventory: Weapon ammo now stacks if you buy more than one of a weapon
  • Inventory: Fixed weapons not being properly unequipped when they're removed from inventory (sale/out of ammo)
  • Inventory: Fixed selling equipment that isn't equipped causing errors
  • Global: "Pluralized" all "number(s)" strings (ex. "player(s)" -> "player" or "players")
  • Effects: Ported/Optimized/Fixed Cubes particle effect
  • Inventory: Pets are now spawned slightly off-center to prevent weird issues with Koopa and Maxwell
  • ErrorLog: Fixed certain errors not being logged

Screenshots by @Weiss

Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸 ❤️
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