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Hello Yuki-goers and GMCL Passengers! We have an important announcement to make tonight about Chromium in Garry's Mod and Proprietary Codec Support.

As you may know, not having Proprietary Codec Support in Chromium/Awesomium has been the source of many issues in Cinema, the Media Player addon, and anything that plays video in Garry's Mod.

It is the source of issues we've dealt with every day, for years, like:
  • YouTube missing High Quality versions of videos or not working
  • YouTube Live not working
  • Vimeo not working
  • Seeking on videos played using Flash Player (FMovies/9Anime/etc) not working
  • Twitch using huge amounts of CPU power or not working

Today, SGS is proud to announce a Fix, for every player, for every Cinema server, for every Media Player addon user, and for every developer playing Garry's Mod:

GModCEFCodecFix is a simple Launcher Replacement for Garry's Mod that patches Chromium to enable H.264, AAC, and all other proprietary video/audio codecs supported in regular Chrome.

All you have to do is visit the Releases, download the latest EXE, run it, and it does the rest!

The code is also Open Source and available for everyone to review, submit changes to, and collaborate on. If you don't trust downloading an EXE from us, you have the option of building it yourself, straight from the Source Code!

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot and enjoy Garry's Mod with Chromium, free from limitations!

Download Here:

Or if you'd like a Step-By-Step Guide:

Thanks for reading! Love You! ❤️
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