I miss you all so much <3


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I spent a few months on Yuki Theatre in my darkest times and as silly as it may seem it made me try my best to turn my life around.
I'm still not okay, but one night I won twice in a row on the fruity machines in the lobby and it gave me that gut feeling of happiness and excitement for the first time in years. I use that pathetically small example of life being exciting as a reason to keep on pushing through the hard times <3

Bless all the admins and regulars <3 I get excited every time I see you all are watching a movie together but can't bring myself to join in... I hope everyone on the team and community is well <333


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We appreciate your support and kind words! I hope things get better for you and improve. We like having a good time and you are more than welcome to come hang with us when you feel ready.