Happy Seventh Anniversary!


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Founder/Lead Developer
Today marks Seven Years after YukiTheater's relaunch and it's a very special occasion; we made it to 2020!

Through everything, somehow we're still standing going into the next decade, a feat that would not have been possible without our passionate developers and wonderful community, everyone's support, Facepunch still updating this game after all these years, and buckets of determination.

To mark this occasion, we've been working on something really special for YukiTheater that'll be coming out within the next couple of days! It's related to CEFCodecFix, and it'll be ground-breaking for Cinema as a whole, but it'll be available First on YukiTheater!

Also, if you join YukiTheater before Midnight Eastern Time (~7 hours from now), you'll get a special one-time-only achievement for playing on our Seventh Anniversary!

And why not, after all? We've got a 2x Credits Boost going on until Midnight as well!

But most of all, we just want to say Thank You. Thank You for supporting us, helping us keep the servers alive with your donations, and most of all... Thanks for playing.

Love You! See you next time for Year Eight! ❤️