Happy Eighth Anniversary!


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Founder/Lead Developer
8 years ago today, I spun up a GMod server on an old laptop at home, officially re-launching YukiTheater. Originally I just wanted to build something that could replace GModTheater as a place for friends. Since then, we've grown to a community of thousands.

With your help, we've been able to make a place where people from all over the world can feel welcome, share their love of anime and other interests, and explore in our little stories together. We were even able to ship VR support in YukiTheater in 2020. Isn't that crazy?

Somehow after 8 years I thought we'd be done with this whole thing, but here we are, still going strong, and with plenty of ambition. We might even be adding to that ambition with S&box; who's to say?

So thank you. Thanks for supporting us, being part of this community, and spending your time with the things we've built.

Keep an eye out for Project Olympus Open Beta info coming within the next month or two! We hope you'll enjoy what we've got coming next.

Also... The next 24 hours will have a 2x Credits Boost on YukiTheater with the Eight Year Anniversary Achievement only still being active for the next 15 minutes!

As always, Love You All đź’–