Denied douglas ban appeal

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not sure

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Animal Slaughter

Why You Should Be Unbanned
i don't really know why i thought it was a good idea to play something like that, maybe i thought i was edgy or something and i took my access to the server for granted. i got banned in october of 2020, i wanted to keep playing on the server though so i tried an alt but was banned, so i gave up. I have over 15 hours on the server, the only thing i did wrong was play a video like that, which is really wrong and can be very disturbing to some people. i deeply apologize for that and i'm hoping you accept my apology, because i would love to continue playing on this server.


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Howdy, in this case I'll be responding to your appeal.

As stated in October you were banned permanently for queuing at least 21 instances of animal slaughter.
Were then you attempted at that time twice to join the server with alternate accounts. (Being detected by the server)
Additionally, shortly before the creation of this appeal you attempted to join the server once again with an alt account.

What this tells me is you'd rather use illegitimate means of getting back on to the server; Before moving on to an appeal.

Thus due to the severity of the ban and your recent attempt to bypass the ban system. I will be denying your appeal.
You may appeal in 3 months; In the meantime please do your best to not make any more attempts to bypass your ban.

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