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Discord Chat Rules

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WinterPhoenix96, Dec 30, 2015.

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  1. WinterPhoenix96

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    Dec 28, 2015
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    Generally the rules for the Community Discord Chat follow the same rules as our Servers as far as player conduct, however please review the specifics below.

    1. No Trolling/Griefing/Annoying/Harassing other players.
      Don't do anything to upset other people intentionally and don't continue to interact with somebody if they've told you to leave them alone. We're all here to enjoy the community, so please be courteous.

    2. No Discrimination of any kind.
      Be respectful to others of different backgrounds or views, nobody joins a community looking to be criticized.

    3. Do Not Spoil or Pretend to Spoil things (Anime/Movies/Books/Secret Theaters/etc) for others.
      Nobody likes being told how a story ends before they finish it.

    4. Do Not impersonate Admins/other Players.
      Pretending to be somebody else could potentially give you the power to abuse other players.

    5. Do Not post Political or Religious content.
      These topics are emotionally charged and tend to cause arguments between players. As such, we don't allow discussion concerning them in our Discord Server.

    6. Only post NSFW Content in the #nsfw chat channel.
      Entering that chat channel implies that you understand that the content therein is almost certainly NSFW, however the other channels do not carry a similar weight. Thus, NSFW Content is restricted to that channel and that channel only. If you do not wish to participate in that channel, please mute it by pressing the bell icon next to the channel name while viewing the channel.

    7. Do Not Attack/Raid other communities.
      Attacking, Raiding, or otherwise Disruing other communities using anything relating to YukiTheater is a permanently bannable offense. We will not tolerate it, as it reflects extremely poorly on our server and community.

    8. Use Common Sense.
      Anything not listed above or not in the Video Rules falls under this rule. Please take a moment to think before you do something that might result in your removal from the community.
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Thread Status:
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