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Dec 6, 2009

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rocket.Woods, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Rocket.Woods

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    Aug 8, 2017
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    • Here's looking forward to the 2010 era!
      • We should have hover boards soon!
      • Finally updated the server from Windows 2000 to Windows Me.
      • Finally fixed the piano.
      • Animations are now divided between static and active
    • Various Bug-fixes
      • The hide location feature no longer gives your location away when you go afk.
      • Various in-game binds such as +forward, +left, +back, the weapon slots (2, 4, 5) can no longer be used through keyboard inputs but can be through the Doritos™ "Dew it right"™ (Featuring Hatsune Miku™) sponsored integrated voice recognition application. (Players must download this separately and install through firmware update in bios.) +right is still enabled but is no longer a held toggle.
      • Some player-models were having clipping issues so we have removed VTF support.
      • Fixed the piano
      • Some players complained that 9Anime no longer works.
      • 9Anime is now the only option in the request menu.
      • Youtube is re-enabled in the GMod GoldSrc beta version. Note, using this build may void all account information. To celebrate, we have added an achievement for using the GoldSrc beta.
      • test
      • Fixed issue where donators couldn't buy VIP.
      • For some reason textures no longer show up in game. We are working on a fix for this but it may take years until we have a stable pre-alpha version of the YukiTheater™ gamemode.
      • The piano has been fixed
      • Crouching while tapping space should now only rarely cause the cpu to overheat.
      • Using /me should no longer bypass the player block text function.
      • Some player-models such as spiderman or megaman would render as invisible while using kazotsky. To fix this we have added a small warning popup and beeping sound when players move within 5120 grid units of where you have spawned. We are working on a patch to make this zone follow the player rather than the position they first spawned in when joining the server.
      • Patched the warning popup being several times larger than the screen and therefore unclickable. Note that if your ping when you join is higher than 30 but lower than 76 this issue can still occur as the game will detect you as being within your radius.
      • Some issues related to the piano could not be resolved.
      • donators buying vip may permanantly lose donator status
      • Issue where screens can sometimes be tilted has probably been fixed.
    • Brand new YukiTheater Content!
      • Piano has been removed due to outstanding issues.