Dec 30, 2016


Staff member
Founder/Lead Developer
  • Updated Map to v1_5_2c, which adds a new Event Room and a fresh coat of Holiday Theming (Thanks MrMuffinz!)
  • Added 11 New Playermodels
  • Added 4 New Achievements for Holiday 2016
  • Added support for 9Anime and Anime Twist video services
  • Added Auto-Restart System to fix uptime lag (The CurTime Fix)
  • Replaced Exclusive Theater TVs with ones from this decade and have the correct 16:9 ratio
  • Replaced White Rock Shooter, Kasane Teto, and Kagamine Rin playermodels with better ones
  • GetJWPlayerSources now tells players if it's getting close to crashing them instead of just crashing #ISteamHTMLSurfaceSoonPls
  • Disabled Twitch, Hitbox, and Vimeo because they no longer work in Cinema #ISteamHTMLSurfaceSoonPls
  • Re-Enabled Snowball Fights
  • Re-Enabled New Years Countdown/Event
  • Replaced Popcorn SWEP model with a Christmas Stocking
  • Holiday-ified UI Colors
  • Fixed Zombies not being able to hurt players below Moderator rank
  • Fixed Pianos and Christmas Trees' collision meshes sometimes disassociating ("phantom models")
  • Fixed Christmas Presents having incorrect collision meshes
  • BassTest Entity now correctly traces along its lasers and draws their impact points (if any)
  • Fixed Lobby Music Player auto-playing music when players join even if it's disabled
  • Fixed Default Lobby Music Stream URL
  • Fixed Static Emotes not having cooldown
  • Fixed New Donators not getting their ranks until they rejoined the server
  • Disabled "She's Not Even a Locomotive Yet!" achievement
  • Fixed Senior Mod+ Soccer Balls not being the correct size

Thanks for sticking with us! Happy Holidays, We Love You All! <3