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Denied Chi~ 'sStaff Application.

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Chizuru <3, Jul 17, 2018.

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  1. Chizuru <3

    Chizuru <3 New Member Donator

    Apr 11, 2018
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    Steam Username
    Chi~ (STEAM_0:0:27114044)

    Current Age

    Timezone (Use this website if you don't know)
    Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -5:00)

    Time Ranges typically on our Servers in a Day (Eastern Time)
    4pm- 4am Weekdays, and Weekends for the summer

    Position Applying For (Moderator, Programmer, Modeler, Mapper, Graphics Artist, or Video Editor/Marketeer)

    Understand and Agree to Maintain Activity Quota? (Moderators only)
    Yes, I understand and agree to maintain the action quota.

    Past Experience/Creations Applicable to Position
    Former Council (Co-owner type roll) for Triflux Gaming for a Military Roleplay server. I understand how to deal with players with professionalism meaning without bias or attitude, and this means I have a good understanding of the current ULX admin commands. Also, I used to be a teachers assistant, so dealt with troublesome kids and learned that I have the ability to control my anger, so that's always a plus.

    Community Join Date and Total Playtime on our Servers (you can give a rough estimate if you don't know)
    Joined the community around early March, and a total playtime of
    241:06:40 (HH:MM:SS).

    How You Would Improve the Studio or Community
    I would make sure that this game mode is played as its meant to be played. This means that I would make sure to deal with the rule breakers in order to allow the dedicated players who love Yukitheater always have a pleasant experience on your server. Additionally, I would help out new players by answering questions they have or help out newcomers if its there first time in order to get them to enjoy their stay.

    Extra Information or Comments
    Although I've been called "special" by a few players I swear to you I am not, I act professionally when needed and actually capable of being a moderator. Also, the main reason for applying is to make myself useful in a place where I often enjoy coming by.
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  2. WinterPhoenix96

    WinterPhoenix96 Founder/Lead Developer Staff Member Founder/Lead Developer

    Dec 28, 2015
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    Hello there!

    The staff has reviewed your application and voted to Deny it.
    Reasons cited by staff members: Community members' previous experience with applicant, Has previously encouraged trolling, Lack of maturity.

    Should you wish to apply again in the future, we ask you to please review the reasons above and fix them before doing so. Better luck next time!

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