Bitcoin Up, SGS Down: A Tale of Finances


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Good Evening everyone! We hope you've been having a good holiday season so far and we wish you the best of luck on your exams, if that sorta thing seems to be consuming your life lately.

Silly title aside, we actually have some important news to share with you today. For the last several months, Solstice Game Studios' donations have been trending downward. As you may know, our servers, websites, emails, domain names, developers, and the rest of our expenses are all paid for by our community through donations.

Donations from the community are what let's us keep both YukiTheater and GMod Cruise Line running, and are what allows us to continue developing for both of them. Thank you Donators, for believing in us and supporting us.

As our donations have gone down, we've made several cost-saving measures in an attempt to make running all of this a little less burdensome. Chiefly among these are that we haven't paid our Developers in several months, we haven't been making donations to charities, our servers have been downgraded to reduce cost, and almost all of our Developers don't have an SGS email address now.

These cost-saving measures somewhat worked for a while until October, where we started cutting it close. But, in November, last month, our donations did not cover our base expenses; the bare minimum we need to keep everything running. Due to some money I had saved from previous months, and income from some other sources, I was able to cover it out of my own pocket.

This is obviously not a sustainable situation.

Although it is not ideal, Developers have been working without pay for quite a while now, because they believe in this community and our future. We can't ask them to do that forever, but we certainly can't keep our projects running forever without the ability to pay for them.

Ultimately, I despise asking for more of your financial support when many of you have already given so much, which is why I waited until now to alert any of you about it, but we really need it right now.

If you have been considering donating or are willing to donate again, please consider doing so here. You can even donate using Bitcoin, should you wish. We literally cannot continue without your support.

You'll get all of the Donation Perks listed, but you'll also help us develop these upcoming features:
  • YukiTheater
    • Holiday Update and Map
    • Updated New Years Event
  • GMod Cruise Line
    • New Minigolf Physics
    • 2 New Minigolf Maps
    • Media System Video (YouTube, etc) Support including Splendor Cinema
  • And more!

Thank you for reading! We love you all! <3
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