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Steam Username

Length of Ban

Staff Member that Banned You

Ban Reason
(Saying N word) (Tease, Discrimination, Multiple offense)

Why You Should Be Unbanned

I Feel i should be unbanned Because, Im OneToneBone, I had noticed i was banned for saying the N word, While i had an Tea give me a verbel warning before the ban, And i had saw a photo of hugabeez Watching ecchi with no punishment. and i had also donated.I Anyway Id like to apologize aswell, But i was confronted and warned not to say it, Before the ban, i wanted to talk to winter about it, But I highly doubt hes going to reply, With the factor of my previous bans, I just dont understand how mods, and other people can freely break the rules, But i say one thing and im banned for life. Pants had been on, When stella had been upset with me. And they were friends behind the scenes. When realistically, Winter Implemented, Its a professional Moderator. And when pants placed my ban, He had been online for 2 hours, Hadnt messages me about the problem, and waited until i had left the server so i had no say for the ban, If you have any questions please ask me, Id love to solve this even if there is anyway we can talk about a negotiation about a 2 month ban, or otherwise


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As you have stated, I was the one who banned you so I will take care of your appeal.
Your ban reason is as follows:
Multiple Past Offenses - 3 Prior Bans

First off, this appeal is automatically denied due to you not following template and waiting 3 months. When permanently banned the minimum wait time before making an appeal is 3 months. As a general rule, 3 previous bans usually means a permanent ban. Seeing as this was your fourth, I took it upon myself to permanently ban you. The tease video in question was brought to your attention by me and you laughed it off like you thought it was funny. The next day there were a few hours without moderation on the server and you were screenshot and recorded in video saying the n word in global. That was the final offense to push you into this ban. 2 separate people gave me evidence to back it up as well, one of whom I don't typically talk to, so them being "friends behind the scenes" isn't true. About me waiting for you to leave before the ban, the evidence in question was being uploaded while you were on the server and happened to finish just before you got off. In the time it took me to evaluate the videos and screenshots, you had gotten off the server.

Also regarding the video Hugbeez was playing, it was being played in a private theater where ecchi is allowed. The video was fine to be played there. We don't break our own rules.

The ban logs also indicate that you attempted to get around this ban with an alternate account. This also would have automatically caused your appeal to be denied.

To recap, this is automatically denied due to not waiting 3 months and would still be denied if you had waited. Feel free to try again in 3 months.

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