Denied Ban Appeal: Axmann

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Steam Username: Axmann [SteamID = STEAM_0:1:28818408]

Length of Ban: Permanent

Staff Member that Banned You: I don't remember who banned me originally or who escalated my ban, as it was a very long time ago, and I am unsure how to locate this information.

Ban Reason: I was originally banned for two weeks, for a reason I honestly don't remember due to how long ago it was. My ban was escalated to permanent because I filed a PayPal claim against my donation to YukiTheater out of anger.

Why You Should Be Unbanned: I acknowledge the inappropriateness of my action. A donation is a donation, not a purchase of a service, and I should not have filed a claim due to being upset over not being able to access the service. I genuinely enjoy YukiTheater as a server (which is why I donated in the first place) and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to come back.
Permanent bans resulting from disputes over donations are non-appeal-able, as it breaks our Terms of Use. If we accepted your appeal, it would encourage abuse of the donation system due to the fact that we wouldn't be enforcing our Terms of Use, and players would think they could just wait a couple of years before submitting an appeal and get away with breaking it.

We're sorry, but this is one of the few categories in which permanent bans are forever non-appeal-able.

Not open for further replies.