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Hello, it's me again. Pants said that I could submit an appeal again after 3 months, so here I am. Since I have already appealed for this same reason, I'm going to keep things short. You can read my previous appeal here:

Basically, I was banned for playing a short video called "funny vine." This video had footage of somebody dying at the end, however, I had not seen, nor had any idea that the video was that graphic. I feel stupid that I didn't take the time to watch the video first, especially since it was so short. I just want to be able to join a server that makes it easy and fun to watch anime with friends, and YukiTheater is the best server for that. I understand that I have broken a few other rules in the past, but I am committed to changing my ways, and being a civilized member on the server.

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Hello again, Narqueefi. I took care of the previous appeal so I will take care of this one as well.

As stated in the last appeal, the video thumbnail was misleading, however the video was also very short so checking it ahead of time would have been easy to do. At the same time, it is a 8 second video. Having been banned for half a year now, I would say that is enough time to be punished for what was an easy mistake to make. Like I also said in the previous appeal, you had just that day come off of another ban. This makes it fairly easy to not trust what you say. However, I will accept this appeal and unban you. I hope that you mean what you say and will avoid breaking rules in the future. It is unlikely that you will get another chance. See you on the server.

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