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Denied 3rrotic's Plea ;o;

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Virtasy, Sep 23, 2019.

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  1. Virtasy

    Virtasy New Member

    Jul 16, 2017
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    Steam Username

    Length of Ban
    Permanent, 4 weeks, then Permanent

    Staff Member that Banned You

    Ban Reason
    irl death
    then Disturbing,Tease
    then Disturbing, Tease, Inciting Drama, Trolling, Harassment.

    Why You Should Be Unbanned
    i'm unaware of the specifics of my current ban, so i'll be sharing my perspective relative to the events that i believe are at least remotely associated with it.
    i presume the earliest offense is the one labeled as "Tease". this video (Log ID: 2632680) was requested a single time and purely for innocent entertainment. i had not found it sexually suggestive, at the time, and am still finding it difficult to justify the categorization. i'm left to assume it was either risque apparel or a kiss on the butt-cheek (displayed in the video), which i had no warning for for approximately 2 months. in which case, i consider it a mistake on my part, which i don't especially mind being punished for, though it would be preferable to have minor discourse about this kind of issue, if solely to inform the player of where the subjective line is drawn with such content.

    the next offense is presumably the one labeled as both "Harassment" and "Inciting Drama". i was warned by two moderators at the time simultaneously (♡☾考えRei夢☽♡(STEAM_0:1:65216027), and Heartless Oka(STEAM_0:0:20729022)) for harassing Lilly(STEAM_0:0:22587569), an act which i did not commit. apparently, Lilly(STEAM_0:0:22587569) had told them that i was following him/her and had also "stolen" his/her Exclusive Cabin, when i was merely conversing with SleepyStealthy(STEAM_0:0:40313987) and, i believe, Zero Two(STEAM_0:0:451436778) within said Exclusive Cabin. at the time, the rent had expired, so i added a small amount of rent, which i later increased, and incidentally became owner of the Exclusive Cabin. it was not stolen. i have no ill will toward any member of the YukiTheater/SGS community, and have no intentions to harass anyone. Lilly(STEAM_0:0:22587569), also, never once communicated to me about his/her supposed harassment. due to a history of interactions with Lilly(STEAM_0:0:22587569), i'm under the belief that he/she is prone to distributing false accusations, which is my experience with this one he/she has placed upon me.

    the next offense, labeled as "Disturbing", is what led to the misfire of a permanent ban unto myself by Hazzy(STEAM_0:0:40900745). the video (Log ID: 2676510) portrays a woman picking up a chair and using it to scale a ledge which she then goes over, in a 'falling' fashion. the video was requested a single time, skipped relatively far before she goes over said ledge, and purely for innocent entertainment (me and some friends find how she picked up and used the chair amusing). there was no death, and i find it difficult to justify the categorization of "Disturbing". i'm left to assume that someone falling over a ledge is supposedly terrifying. whilst i do not agree with the conclusion drawn—apparently by WinterPhoenix(STEAM_0:0:39101323)—from that assumption, i'm willing to avoid requesting videos with content insinuating or showcasing a downward drop by a sentient being. in which case, i consider it a mistake on my part, which i don't especially mind being punished for, though it would be preferable to have minor discourse about this kind of issue, if solely to inform the player of where the subjective line is drawn with such content.

    the next offense, labeled as "Trolling", i am almost clueless about, especially given that i was currently waiting out a 4 week ban that was instated upon myself due to the former offense detailed above, and had no access to the YukiTheater cinema server. one moderator at the time, Heartless Oka(STEAM_0:0:20729022), virtually approached me before my ban was instated and outside of game (Steam Chat) with inquiry about an accusation by Lilly(STEAM_0:0:22587569) that i had sent people to harass him/her. this occurrence would/should be classified as "Harassment", but i'm left to assume that it was considered "Trolling", which is another false accusation, which i made abundantly clear to Heartless Oka(STEAM_0:0:20729022).

    in summary, i've possibly made a couple mistakes, the likes of which i wouldn't wish repeat. being viewed as an offender, due to the likely foolishness of the new moderator Hazzy(STEAM_0:0:40900745), after being a frequent Yuki'goer for years—top 10 for server playtime—, makes me question the worth of participating any longer as a player within the SGS community, if i'm to be exiled in such a seemingly unjust way. please consider cleaning up the mess created, as i do my part to be respectable and thus hopefully worthy of hanging out in the servers you represent.

    note: a previous version of this appeal was typed for the 4 week ban that was recently modified to Permanent. i find the treatment of my instated banishment being flip-flopped around to be ridiculous, especially for the ever changing reasoning supplied. therefore, i'm pretty much lost as to whether or not to simply wait a quarter of a year to post this. please understand my decision to do what's in my best interest and tackle this sooner than later, when permittance is this flaky.
  2. Hazzy

    Hazzy New Member

    Feb 25, 2016
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    Hi, as I banned you I'll be dealing with your appeal.

    The decision to increase your ban came after 3 days of discussion and heavy investigation, we where provided with logs and screenshots within Yukitheater to help conclude our decision. Numerous rule breaking videos had also been found that where overlooked or missed in recent time. You have also been seen using inappropriate profile pictures withing the SGS discord and you where linked to other acts of behaviour that are not welcome within the community.

    For the above reasons and those cited in your initial ban i'll be denying your appeal.

    Denied and locked.
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