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  1. Inco

    Compensating for terrain flux.

    Compensating for terrain flux.
  2. Inco

    What do you want/expect from YukiTheater's v3 map?

    Cubemaps. Specular lighting on LightmappedGeneric materials (thanks Facepunch for adding a feature that should've been added 10 years ago). I wish nothing more than for materials to least somewhat resemble their physical, real world traits. Now we just need to wait 10 more years for Facepunch to...
  3. Inco

    Sticky [YukiTheater] Playermodel Request Thread

    Also a shameless plug. I'm almost positive nobody here actually cares about this character or the game he's from, nor does he have anything to do with anime, but it's my first player model that I've published to the Workshop, and the game he's from holds a special place in my heart. It's not a...
  4. Inco

    Playable Piano

    Just an update on the MIDI functionality for the new piano, I've been developing a new MIDI module that I'll be using with the new piano instead of FPtje's module that was used to integrate MIDI input support into the old piano addon. The new module is available on GitHub and GitLab. While the...
  5. Inco

    Playable Piano

    The release of the Olympus update also meant the removal of the playable piano. It was originally planned to have a new replacement ready to take its place with Olympus, but the circumstances leading up to the release dictated otherwise. My primary focus will be on this addon for the time...
  6. Inco

    Accepted Mapper Application

    Steam Username Inco (drinconceivable) Current Age 21 Timezone (Use this website if you don't know) EST (UTC-5) Time Ranges typically on our Servers in a Day (Eastern Time) 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM (might change soon) Weekends opens this up quite a bit, but can be unpredictable Position Applying...
  7. Inco

    Identified poor visibility optimization in some areas

    Affected Gamemode/Excursion the ship itself, most noticeably in the Atrium and the Gmod Cruise Lanes areas but other areas are probably affected too Summary of Issue Encountered these areas are rendered even if you can't directly see them, which I suspect is a big reason for the Atrium area...
  8. Inco

    multilingual support

    as someone who doesn't have access to the source code for YT or GMCL, I don't know if these gamemodes actually do have language support implemented, but I assume they don't since the in-game text doesn't respect any language set by the gmod_language console variable what is the likelihood of...
  9. Inco

    Mobile Devices

    i loathe cell phones in general, hate having to carry one around. but i've been using a BB Q10 for years now, thing has been dropped a couple hundred times onto hard surfaces and still doesn't have a scratch, speaker is amazing for a cell phone, and of course the physical keyboard is great. also...
  10. Inco

    What truly makes a good game

    helps if the game is actually fun to play, or at the very least has entertainment value of some kind and personally for me games with sandbox and modding are a huge factor to how much time i spend with them (evident from having like 6k+ hours in gmod in total)