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  1. Maverun

    [NSFW] This is about Pat, You need to remember!

    Feel like it is references to "Sherk is Love, Shrek is Life" I rate it 5/7
  2. Maverun

    Name 5 Server Machines!

    Solveig - "The way of the sun" - Follow the way of Solstice(studio)!
  3. Maverun

    Name 5 Server Machines!

    Tukiko - "Child of the moon" as child of moon, in this term, child of Solstice aka server
  4. Maverun

    Name 5 Server Machines!

    Medubu - "The Earth" as if Earth is server to Sun
  5. Maverun

    Name 5 Server Machines!

    Eleadora -"Gift of the sun" as if it a gift of sun
  6. Maverun

    Name 5 Server Machines!

    Sola - "The Sun" aka Solstice
  7. Maverun

    Name 5 Server Machines!

    When i first heard Solstice, it remind me of Moon and Sun(winter and summer), Those are my opinion i personally think great. Off to 5-6 reply! Luna - "The Moon" aka Solstice
  8. Maverun

    Hi, it's True!

    Hi there, uh Mr.Grammar freak? xD
  9. Maverun

    Hello ^_^

    Hi there! I welcome all type of people include slut! :)
  10. Maverun


    Hello there! Keep it up with your stuff! I am looking forward to see your work if you dont mind!
  11. Maverun

    Sophie-bear says hello!

    Hi there! i hope you don't send a bear after my life!
  12. Maverun

    OOO e sure can do ^.^ Hi

    Hi Zep! Nice to meet ya!
  13. Maverun

    Oh hey, it's that Kuro guy!

    Hello there!
  14. Maverun

    Yay introductions

    Hello! nice to meet you! Just call me mave, hope we can talk on discord! :)
  15. Maverun

    hi there!

    Oi! That explain why my stock of tea was missing! Anyway, hello there Tea! :)
  16. Maverun

    Asia Here!! ^.^

    Nice job on logo! and hello nice to meet you!
  17. Maverun

    Hello all from Mave!

    0.o No sir, you didnt comment on this thing yet!
  18. Maverun

    I have never made an introduction thread before.

    Woah dear guy, we should stop making pun and let us drink a tea at a tea table
  19. Maverun

    Hello all from Mave!

    Haha~ hello Fluffy, glad to hear i am cool dude xD
  20. Maverun

    fluffybutt here

    Happy new year! Also Kuro, that sig, nice, one of my favourite part :D