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    Share you steam library? :] This is mine! c:
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    What is your favorite movie?

    Oh yeah! Forgot to mention A Clockwork Orange. Love that film so much.
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    What is your favorite movie?

    In terms of watchability, going to have to go with Shaun of the Dead. But I love so many movies to pick a favourite, there's Silence of the Lambs, Pulp Fiction, Hot Fuzz, I could go on and on haha
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    Denied Ditzy's Mod Application

    (Originally posted Mar 5, 2016) Hi all! I've been a part of this community for a while and I decided I wanted to go for a position of moderator. So, here goes! Steam Username DitzyDaffy Current Age 18 Timezone GMT Time Ranges Typically on the Server in a Day (Eastern Time) Typically I’m on...
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    Denied Ditzy's Developer Application

    Steam Username DitzyDaffy Current Age 18 Timezone GMT (currently BST) Time Ranges Typically on the Server in a Day (Eastern Time) Usually on anywhere from about 4 in the afternoon (11am) ‘til about 5, 6 in the morning (12am, 1am) Position Applying For (Moderator, Programmer, Modeler, Mapper...
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    Leak pic of Ronald McDonald

    he stronk
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    Solstice Super Sunny Summer Sweepstakes

    Power Donator Put all 20 entries for me on DmC Devil May Cry. If you can't, just put 18, since there's not really anything else I need. Thanks ^^
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    Makin' Bacon Neeew Yooo~oork Pancakes

    Makin' Bacon Neeew Yooo~oork Pancakes
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    Can't Fix Livestream Doesn't Work

    Whenever I or Zerac try to play any livestreams from, this happens. Basically, Livestream's been working until recently, so I'm not sure what's happened. Maybe it was caused by the GMod Update?
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    How to draw a sheep step by step

    Happy accidents
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    Sticky Popcorn Kernel Request Thread

    Bc I'm Steven Universe trash, I'd like to request these chibi heads to be added as popcorn kernels~ Bonus Steven! :3
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    Sticky Achievement Suggestion Thread

    Achievement Name: The Legend Never Dies/What Are You, Casul?/Its Time to F**king Pwn Some N00bz Achievement Credits Worth: 500 Achievement Description: Power up the bass cannon and fire/Watch HE'S BACK while wearing the Giant Dad model/Watch HE'S BACK
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    Sticky [YukiTheater] Playermodel Request Thread

    I have a few player model requests, all of which are non-anime female characters, which there is a serious lack of on YukiTheater. The first one that I would looove to have (and would use all the time) is the super cute Moira (Resident Evil) Workshop Link (Either version is fine, since I like...
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    I had meat today

    What kind of meat? Was it good?
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    Hi all

    'Elloooo, welcome back!
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    So what was wrong with the other forum?

    "pushes opinions on others" Haha, I hadn't noticed ;}
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    The "N" word loophole

    I feel that, since the word "nigga" was made and is used by the black community in order to "take back" the n-word, it should not be classified as a 'loophole' if people overuse it. In my opinion, it's similar to the word bro, and I hear people overuse bro in conversation a lot. Anyhow, that's...