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  1. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | Aug 30, 2022 Update Released!

    Hi there! Just letting you know we've released a new update for YukiTheater! In this update, Map v2.6 brings the new Gym, Manga Shop 2nd Floor, and Chill Area Onsen areas; we've added 2 New Achievements; Fracture AMV's Low Gravity makes a return, and more! View the Full Changelog: [URL...
  2. WinterPhoenix

    Aug 30, 2022

    This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Jul 12, 2022. Base Player disconnect messages now ignore invalid players (stops potential for spam from joining players) Chat: Add /whisper to "probably meant /pm" chat commands Added mem_max_heapsize and mem_min_heapsize tweaks to Multicore...
  3. WinterPhoenix

    GModCEFCodecFix has been updated for CEF 104

    macOS is now supported which solves GMod crashing on launch on macOS 12 Monterey or later! It might be a bit wonky however, and the Main Menu won't load sometimes. If that happens, just try re-opening GMod again. To get CEF 104, you'll need to run the tool again. We recommend running it...
  4. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | Jul 12, 2022 Update Released!

    What's up weebs — we've got a new update out and ready for your enjoyment! In this update, Crunchyroll support is finally here, along with Map v2.5 which improves the Karaoke area, as well as several bug fixes! View the Full Changelog...
  5. WinterPhoenix

    Jul 12, 2022

    This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Apr 25, 2022. Base Chat: Fixed /me Chat: Fix markdown not working depending on the number of characters that aren't markdown Admin: Fix initial message for Warnings Entities: Added sgs_prop_base (used for map entities that we want to...
  6. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | Apr 25, 2022 Update Released!

    Hello fellow kazotsky-enjoyers! Just letting you know that we've just finished putting together a list of things we've added or changed in Yuki in the last 5 months! In this update, Kazotsky Kicking and Headbang make a triumphant return, along with 3 New Pets, 5 New Hats, 4 New Elixirs...
  7. WinterPhoenix

    Apr 25, 2022

    This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Dec 18, 2021. Base Inventory: Patched all (possible) playermodels to enable Custom Animations without breaking other addons Special thanks to @Inco for figuring this out! Admin: Added Supporter and Power Supporter ranks (more info coming...
  8. WinterPhoenix

    GModCEFCodecFix has been updated for CEF 98

    Linux is now supported for newer CEF versions and Widevine. This means that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc all work again on Linux! We've also made some general improvements, so we recommend you grab the latest version of the app and update! Get it here...
  9. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | New Year's Event Tonight!

    As is tradition every year, tonight we'll have a special New Year's Event when the clock strikes Midnight in Every US Time Zone! A reminder that being present will get you a one-time-ever achievement for this year, worth 20,000 Credits! ⚠️ Be sure to be on early! This is our most popular night...
  10. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | Olympus Economy/Systems Test Reset Tonight!

    That's right, the day has finally come. We're going to be resetting player accounts on Olympus to clean up our mess, and to provide a stable basis going forward for the Economy and Player Accounts. This'll be the official beginning of Olympus! We won't be resetting again! What's resetting...
  11. WinterPhoenix

    Dec 18, 2021

    This list contains changes made to YukiTheater since Dec 25, 2020. This is the first Changelog for Project Olympus! It will only cover broad-stroke differences between Old Yuki and Olympus-based Yuki. There are just way too many changes to exhaustively list them. Most of this stuff will seem...
  12. WinterPhoenix

    GModCEFCodecFix has been updated for CEF 95

    You will need the latest release for it to work, but we've successfully updated GMod CEF from 86 to 95! This is Windows-only for now, but support for macOS and Linux should come soon. Things this will/may let us do: Update CEF anytime a new release comes out, which means upstream bug...
  13. WinterPhoenix

    A Change of Strategy: Olympus, GMCL, Yuki, Legacy Donators, Donations, etc

    Hey! It's been a while. We wanted to write an update for you, announce some important changes, and ask for your feedback on some things. Olympus Around March 2020, we were confronted with a problem. YukiTheater and GMod Cruise Line, being two separate projects, had nothing in common for code...
  14. WinterPhoenix

    SGS Website / Email System Revamp!

    If you've been paying attention to the SGS Website the last several days, or you have Community @Events Notifications turned on in the Discord, you might've noticed that we've been working on the SGS Website and Forums, bringing everything up to date and looking just a bit better than before...
  15. WinterPhoenix

    Happy Eighth Anniversary!

    8 years ago today, I spun up a GMod server on an old laptop at home, officially re-launching YukiTheater. Originally I just wanted to build something that could replace GModTheater as a place for friends. Since then, we've grown to a community of thousands. With your help, we've been able to...
  16. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | Eastern Time New Year's Event is in 45 Minutes!

    ⚠️ This is our most popular night of the year, so make sure to get on early to secure a spot for the event! If you miss the first one, don't worry! The event is happening at Midnight for every US Time Zone. You only need to be on for one of them to get the one-time achievement! Join Now...
  17. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | Holiday 2020 Update Released!

    Hello my snowed-in friends! We've pushed out the Final Update for YukiTheater in 2020, and the festivities have begun! Presents for you to open, once-ever Achievements for you to get, and more are waiting for you alongside our v2 RC5 Map Update! View the Full Changelog...
  18. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | Spooky November Update Released!

    Greetings Foolish Mortals, the ghouls would like me to inform you that there's a New Update out on YukiTheater, coming out alongside an update to its v2 Map to RC3! Experience the New Spooky Atmosphere and Theming, Explore E1M1, Fight a new breed of Zombies, Relax in the new Chill Area, and...
  19. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | Month 3! Give It Up For Month 3! ...And a 3x Credits Boost!

    *️⃣ Another month, another 0.5x Increase to the Credits Boost! Remember to join us for our Weekly Movie Nights on Fridays to take the most advantage of it! Happy May Everyone! Love You All! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  20. WinterPhoenix

    YukiTheater | How About a 2.5x (and Increasing) Credits Boost?

    Did we say 2x Credits and until April? What we meant to say was: *️⃣ 2.5x Credits, now *️⃣ Increasing by 0.5x every month *️⃣ Until most of this has blown over Also, remember we have Weekly Movie Nights on Fridays so be sure to join us then! Hope this helps! Love You All! ❤️ ❤️