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  1. Lumina Starlight

    What's the deal with game girls?

    The dark swirling abyss of your nightmares
  2. Lumina Starlight

    Popcorn Kernel Suggestion Thread

    A fish popcorn with a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference in the description might be nice
  3. Lumina Starlight

    Oh. It worked. Never mind. ^w^

    Oh. It worked. Never mind. ^w^
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    Dude, cake is amazing, especially if it's made right. I like carrot cake!
  5. Lumina Starlight

    Can't seem to post in forums. The white reply box won't show.

    Can't seem to post in forums. The white reply box won't show.
  6. Lumina Starlight

    Client-side sheet music for the piano

    Would it be possible in the future to implement client-side sheet music? You could add music by using notebook, adding your keys, and saving it there as a certain file type. The server would refer to the client-side file and you could pull it up like you would any sheet music.
  7. Lumina Starlight


    I am enjoying it so far. :D Thanks for the welcomes! Gravity Falls was phenomenal. I'm also a RWBY fan. Nora or Penny would probably be my favorites so far, although some of the season 3 characters introduced have been awesome!
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    ;p Nice to meet ya! You can call me Lumi. Before you ask, yes, I do like anime. I have gotten just a little picky about it as of late, but I am a fan. I'm also a fan of Friendship is Magic, Welcome to Nightvale, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fuller House, dramas, Homestuck (although I don't like the...