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    Taken care of. Thank you.
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    [YukiTheater] Playermodel Request Thread

    Model name: Kashima (Kancolle) Playermodel Workshop link:
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    Scariest Video Game You Ever Watched Or Played

    Silent Hill 2 terrified me the most when I was younger. Though Silent Hill 1 left a pretty deep psychological scar as one of my first horror games.
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    Sony is making a PS4.5

    I think the interface is fine, and .5 and its specifications are only a rumor, not confirmed as far as I've heard. Rumor is they're only adding 4k support, and as such, a better gpu to handle it. But again, sony has not confirmed this or even addressed the rumors.
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    Format Sticky Solstice Staff Report Template

    Please note that when you report a staff member, a member of higher staff will respond after a decision is made. Please do not make multiple threads for the same issue. Please make it clear in the topic of your thread that you are reporting a staff member. Template (Staff member you are...
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    Format Sticky Guest Report Format

    Other users may comment on the topic if they have relevant evidence/information to add. Please do not post multiple threads reporting the same user for the same issue. Template (Who you are reporting [Player name with Steam ID]) (Time of incident) (Relevant information [Screenshots, Video...
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    Eh there Buddy!

    I'm a compootah. Help compootah. STOP ALL DA DOWNLOADIN'!
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    OC's? We're just sharing our characters dude, nobody said anything about OC's.
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    It's barely anything like TF2, lmao. I've played it a lot. It's a third-person shooter where you cover surfaces with ink. It's colourful and fun. Moving through the ink is the best. But It's not trying to be zany or funny. That's kinda like calling any light-hearted shooter a TF2 copy. Also, I...
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    Name 5 Server Machines!

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    Is that the guy himself????

    Ouch. That one hurt.
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    Name 5 Server Machines!

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    I have never made an introduction thread before.

    I hope you're prebeared for unbearable bearrage of bear puns.
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    hi there!

    It's a me, Tea. You probably know me. If you don't, then where the hell are you? Thanks. - Love you. Tea.
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    is currently boiling

    is currently boiling