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  1. Lucretio

    New Year Resolution *2016*

    Don't judge me and I won't judge you haha. My new years resolution is to not whore around etc. Love the attention I get and it gets really bad cause I flirt a lot. Good luck to all of you for this new year.
  2. Lucretio

    When Did You Start Gaming? and what was your first game and platform

    N64 and Starfox..... God what a ga---Peppy:"Fox help me they are on my tail for the 90th time this instance." Well duty calls.
  3. Lucretio

    Lo thus by day my limbs, by night my mind. For thee, and for myself, no quiet find.

    Lo thus by day my limbs, by night my mind. For thee, and for myself, no quiet find.
  4. Lucretio

    Nyanpasu~ (●▽●)ノ I'm Sushi☆!

    I would love to say TL;DR, but I have read it all. <3 Hello :cool: enjoy the forums and see you in game. I am currently learning Japanese, so if you ever have any questions ask away.
  5. Lucretio

    The Corrupt-A-Wish Game

    No problem buddy *Claps hands* and done, but no matter what you do to prevent it, this week you will be in a terrible accident that leaves you limbless. (Too dark for me) I wish to become a god!
  6. Lucretio

    What is your favorite anime?

  7. Lucretio

    Let's Play English Shiritori!

  8. Lucretio

    TheHero's ★ WORD ASSOCIATION ★

  9. Lucretio

    Hi ^_^

    Hello everyone so i'm just gonna be blunt and say a few things about me right off the bat. Name? -Lucretio or Wally (dun really care 1st is game name 2nd is real name) Age?Gender? -20, hue hue can almost buy le alcohol. I am a guy. I like any type of music and anime really. I play a lot of...
  10. Lucretio

    Fixed No Credits added after Donation

    Summary of Issue Encountered I donated $15, and everything went fine. Rank/Status was changed, prices were reduced, I was able to go into vip area, and in the chat box it said that credits were added to my account. Expected Result I expected to see 10,400 credits. Actual Result No Credits...