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    [GMod Cruise Line] Playermodel Request Thread

    can we stop with the anime playermodel suggestions or furry stuff like seriously this isnt yukitheater

    Please remove unnecessary delays in minigolf and bowling to make them seem less grindy.

    I would say the hole overview is the worst since you can only rotate the camera. I would be fine with it if you could move around the hole with the camera to see the routes. Another one could be just the camera going around the hole to show the entire path.

    New excursion: escape room?

    You get stranded on a island somewhere, you search a palm tree and you find a code. The code is a combination for a safe that is buried in the sand. In the safe you can find some rope and an axe. You cut down that same palm tree with the axe and use the rope to make a boat for your team. You...

    Please remove unnecessary delays in minigolf and bowling to make them seem less grindy.

    Theres so many unnecessary delays in minigolf or bowling (downtime). Theres stuff like 10s intro PER HOLE where you can do nothing but just look around a specific area. (If this is for some reason needed then why couldnt i just float around the hole to see what i need to do? or just make it 5...

    New excursion: escape room?

    I think a new excursion in the form of a escape room would be great. There could be 3 themed rooms or something like that and all the puzzles and solutions would be randomized (with hopefully no way to guess or learn from past experiences) Payouts could come from communicating with your 4...

    A progression system and halloween event?

    Progression: GMCL really needs some sort of progression system, so here is my suggestion(s): 1. A really basic sort of progression is levels, so you get like XP from playing minigolf, bowling or 8 ball. For each level you could get stuff like 1000 loot at level 1 then a free used items shop item...

    Rework for the map (the ones that give directions around the ship)

    Currently this is what the maps around the ship look like. It doesnt give enough directions for anyone starting out especially when the only helpful thing (in my opinion atleast) is the each deck thing (the one thats below the top-down view). The top-down view in particular still doesnt make...

    Add a limit to rocket shoes and buff price

    I dont know about buffing price but please dont make it only boost to a certain height, that could kind of make it feel like its useless. Also a possibility is just to make it donator only.

    Several Ideas Regarding Golf and other Excursions

    I love every single one of these suggestions. Although number 8. could be just for excursion maps, not excursions themselves (Unless a ton of excursions actually get added, Then maybe.)

    Add a setting to disable emotes being put in chat

    Just made another thread cause i still want a setting :D

    Fixed What the fuck is going on with direct audio?

    Affected Gamemode/Excursion Ship Summary of Issue Encountered: Direct audio cuts off way before its supposed to Expected Result: When i would play direct audio (from my own domain) i would get the full length song Actual Result: Direct audio makes your music cut off before its supposed...

    Fix In Progress Early pop-in / pop-out for stickers

    (again not using template since it doesnt fit imo) Not much to really say, stickers just pop-in / out while they are still in the players view. But from what i see it happens only when the sticker is facing certain ways. (you can see the pop-in by going between those 2 pictures "fast")

    Identified Clipping issues

    (I know im not using the template but i dont think this needs it since theyre just minor things) One ive noticed is in the excursion marina where the "Light blue repeating thing" is on the ceiling also in the "Gmod cruise lanes" the roof has some parts where stuff arent attached to the ceiling

    For the love of god, add a setting to disable emotes being put in chat.

    IDC if its on or off by default, just add it. There is currently at the time of writing 11 people on and the chat is filled with emoting chat messages. Also maybe extend open beta since it seems to be kinda popular lol

    make donator a "ship invester" ingame


    Fixed stage lights and laser emitters still broken

    It seems to be fixed but its still kinda bugged

    Be able to purchase your cabin items back in their original locations after beta is over

    What about making it actually cost more than it would in the store(s)? This would make it so while others are decorating cabins you are still earning loot to decorate your cabin to the same level

    Be able to purchase your cabin items back in their original locations after beta is over

    The point was to buy them with the same amount of loot that it would take to buy it at release.

    Be able to purchase your cabin items back in their original locations after beta is over

    So yeah, since after beta loot and cabins are going to be reset (i believe atleast) can we get a option to re-purchase our cabins to have all the items we had in beta? If its takes too much to do it, i understand.

    Fixed All my paintings are broken now :(

    Affected Gamemode/Excursion Cabin Summary of Issue Encountered: With a (recent) update my paintings have their images in the wrong place Expected Result when i load my cabin i get my paintings like always Actual Result All my paintings have their pictures in the wrong place or too large...