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    Denied Appeal

    Hello, since I was the Staff Member who banned you, I will be handling your appeal. Automatically, I am going to have to deny your appeal simply for the reason that we do not consider appeals until two years after your original permanent ban date. Below is why you permanently banned...
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    Denied Obunga Ban Appeal

    Hi, since I was the Staff Member who banned you, I will be handling your Ban Appeal. You were banned for the following videos: 3296153 - Video contains Ear Rape. 3295965 - Video contains Ear Rape. 3294475 - Video contains Discrimination. After reviewing some of your video logs and the ones...
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    The Fall of 76

    A legendary meme video showing the laziness of Bethesda and shows how rushed Fallout 76 was/is! Share your thoughts in this thread!
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    New forums looking pretty good!

    New forums looking pretty good!
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    Tragedy Collective here!

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    Sheet Music Disappears

    Have had this issue as well. Looking forward to when it does get fixed.
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    [YukiTheater] Playermodel Request Thread

    Model Name: Yakuza Kiwami - Kazuma Kiryu Workshop Link: Picture of Model in-game: Model Name: Yakuza Kiwami - Goro Majima Workshop Link:
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    I like the idea of transparency when it comes to what you get for donating. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, your TV idea is good as well. Hope to see you around!
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    Video Blacklist Request

    Thanks for the report, videos have been blacklisted, minus the first one because it doesn't really break any rules per say. Player was warned for the videos linked above.
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    TheHero's ★ WORD ASSOCIATION ★

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    TheHero's ★ WORD ASSOCIATION ★

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    TheHero's ★ WORD ASSOCIATION ★

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    Change one word

    Sugar Drink