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    Lobby Music Not Working

    I keep getting this error when I join YukiTheater > [Lobby Music Player] Initialization Failed, Check your Custom Link (F4>Lobby Music Selector). I've changed the custom link to what I wanted, left it at default, changed to something else... nothing helps. Is there a way to fix it? Not really...
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    [Cinema / Media System] Black Screens / Videos Not Working

    Funkmaster already helped me out, but thanks! I just had to install the 2.2.1 version. I hadn't reinstalled aftre deleting, but when i reinstalled it, the streams worked.
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    [Cinema / Media System] Black Screens / Videos Not Working

    I've tried installing Adobe Flash like 5 times over, so that step is done, I uninstalled VLC since I don't use it anyways, and I made sure that IPv6 was gone... Nothing helped. It isn't one site specifically. This happens for KissAnime, YouTube, anything, and it flashes a screen then black...